How-to: Update Dropbox Website Indices with pyndexer

pyndexer is a python script to automatically index all of your public dropbox folders and place the index files in your dropbox. Like This.  This allows you to create a web-based file directory for users to view your dropbox files instead of having to know the exact URL of a file.

First off, this how-to only works on Mac OS X or Linux. There’s a way to do this with Windows, but I’m just lazy and don’t want to learn it.

  1. Download from the developer (from the terminal)

    mkdir ~/Documents/pyndexer
    cd ~/Documents/pyndexer
    curl -O “”
    chmod +x

  2. Remove all ‘index.html’ files from your dropbox (from the terminal)

    cd ~/Dropbox/
    find . -name ‘index.html’ -type f -delete

  3. Run (from the terminal)

    cd ~/Documents/pyndexer/

  4. Enjoy your newly created public website.

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