Wow…. Am I Psychic? #bgp #Juniper

So, only 18 days after I posted “What’s wrong with the Internet”, the Internet had another hiccup (read more here) and millions of users couldn’t surf/browse the Internet. No, it wasn’t hacked, but at this point does it really matter?

It’s like I’m psychic… Or maybe there REALLY IS SOMETHING WRONG like I’ve been saying.


This time it was caused by a software glitch/bug in my favorite vendor Juniper and their JUNOS code.  Many of their new, fancy, and very expensive MX routers running the newest versions of JUNOS were affected.  Before you go and start blaming one manufacture, this has happened before (Cisco in Japan).  It’s actually happened with both vendors several times, again and again on multiple platforms in countless service providers.

It’s not the operating systems or platforms of the vendors (yes, they’re both prone to bugs).  It’s the protocol that runs the Internet (BGP).  It’s far from resilient and redundant, and even farther from secure and standardized.

I’ve been formulating a theoretical solution for peer review over the past couple months.  I feel like I’m pretty close to publishing or at least letting others view it soon (Hopefully early next year).

So, when you hear of millions of Internet users losing service, or entire service providers “losing” your traffic, it’s probably due to the way the Internet is set up.   It wasn’t meant to be a global, 7 billion people dynamic solution.  It’s done awesomely for what we’ve needed it for, but we’re using technology and protocols designed 20 years ago when the Internet was a much smaller place.



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