My Favorite Places: The Top of the Rock

Everyone that visits New York climbs to the top of the Empire State Building.  You can spend up to 2 hours waiting in line just to get to the 86th floor.  Once you’re on top, you have obstructed views and you’ll fight with all the crowds of tourists.  But hey, at least you can say you’ve been to the top.  Let me spoil it for you…. It’s not quite as romantic as it is in the movies.

On the other hand, the observation decks at 30 Rockefeller Plaza are AWESOME!  The crowds are much fewer and less “touristy”, the lines are much shorter, and the views are even better.  You get unobstructed 360 degree views of all of Manhattan. And, you get a PERFECT view of the Empire State Building.

You can actually sit on a bench, enjoy the view, and quietly reflect on the top of 30 Rock.  This is IMPOSSIBLE at the Empire State Building.

If you ever get to NYC and have a choice of one or the other, choose 30 Rock!


Top of 30 Rock

Central Park from the top of 30 Rock


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