Mac Trash Won’t Empty

If your trash can on your Mac won’t empty there are a couple things you can do.

  1. Stop using whatever file/program that’s still in the trash.
    1. The cool thing about Macs are the fact that you can move files that are still being used. One bad thing though, is that you can trash a file you’re still using. Although it’s in the trash, you can still use the file like normal.  You won’t be able to empty the trash until you stop using the file.
  2. Securely Empty your trash
    1. If you’re not using the files that won’t be erased try to securely empty the trash.
    2. In Finder Click “Finder” in the Menu Bar
    3. Click Secure Empty Trash
  3. Reboot and Empty Trash
    1. As a last resort, a reboot will get rid of any extensions/remnants still being used by things in the trash.  After the reboot, you should be able to empty or securely empty the trash.

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