Sign PDFs with a Mac

Did you know you can sign PDFs and documents digitally with a Mac?  If you own a Mac running OS X Lion, you don’t need to print out another PDF just to sign your name again!

First you’ll need to create your signature:

  1. Open the Preview App
  2. From the Menubar, select Preview -> Preferences
  3. Click on the Signatures Section.
  4. Click on Create Signature or the (+) sign at the bottom.
  5. Write your signature on a piece of white paper and hold it up to your Mac’s camera.  Make sure it’s straight on the blue line. You can watch the “Signature Preview” window until you are satisfied with the way it looks.
  6. Click Accept.  You now have a signature for any document!

Now you can sign documents:

  1. Open the document you need to sign. (Preview should launch automatically if you just double click the PDF)
  2. Click on the Annotations button (pencil icon) followed by the Signatures button (S icon).
  3. Click within the document where you want the signature to appear.  It will even automatically size to areas with straight lines made for signatures.
  4. Make sure everything looks good and save the document.
  5. You’re done!

With the help of Apple, soon we’ll be in an all digital world, where paper, cds, dvds, etc are needed! 🙂



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