WeMo Firewall Ports

If you lockdown your outgoing connections via a firewall, you know that cool remote access apps like security cameras, thermostats, music players, and the new Belkin WeMo devices all make calls on non-standard ports.

To get remote access to the Belkin WeMo devices, you’ll need to open the following ports on your outgoing firewall:

  • TCP 8080
  • TCP 8443
  • TCP/UDP 3478

By the way, the WeMo device is AWESOME! I can turn whatever is plugged in on from anywhere in the world with a cellphone signal!

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Responses to “WeMo Firewall Ports”

  1. Is there any way you can point me to a tutorial on how to “open the ports” as you suggest above…
    Many thanks for this is you or anyone can….


    • Robert,

      What kind of router do you have? It’s a little bit different for each router. I’d google “how to forward ports” for your router.

    • Linksys WRT-54G…and I see the tutorials on youtube…I can do that….but just to clarify, the port numbers mentioned in these Post(s) are the ones to open/forward?
      Many Thanks!!

  2. Matthew Budisalovich February 20th, 2014 - 3:22 pm

    I wanted to add an update to this good start to WeMo. I have a WeMo Insight and an extremely strict firewall. I ended up having to open quite a few ports:
    3475-3478/tcp – udp
    5223-5228/tcp – maybe UDP
    8445-8663/tcp – udp

    After that I was able to access my WeMo insight from outside the network.

  3. I’ve had my 2 WeMo Light Switches for a day and so far I see these ports outbound, all TCP: 80, 443, 55881, 8443, 3475, 3478, 8899.

    • Interesting… Not sure why they’d be using 55881 (XSAN) or 8899 (trojan).

      Maybe the newer updates have it using 3475 (com port) and 3478 (STUN) for NAT traversal. I’ll have to take a look at mine and see if they’ve changed.

  4. Ben,

    your statements wont’ work. So you assume there is only 1 WeMo per site? Then you open the captioned ports in router? How about having 2 or more WeMo in 1 site? If you are unable to define port numbers in WeMo, that’s impossible to support multiple WeMo switches per site. Pay for a class if you don’t understand networking.

    • Scott,

      Thanks for the comment and for checking out my blog!

      These are both “outgoing” ports AND “incoming ports”. I’ve had multiple WeMo devices working per site using just those 4 ports opened. The issue with multiple devices using the same outgoing/incoming port is solved by Belkin’s use of TURN for NAT traversal and the local (non-firewalled) communication between each WeMo device.

      Oh, and I’ve taught a few networking classes in my day, but I’ll look into taking another one soon… 😉