Thank you sir, May I have another? Wow @comcast Wow!

I think I just like pain……

Comcast came out a first time

NOTHING WENT RIGHT!!!  Click here for the gory details

Comcast came out a second time

This was to fix the mess from the first time.  This guy was good.  He fixed the dent in my wall and the enormous hole in my wall.  But in the process of cleaning my carpet, he destroyed it…

Carpet Cleaning

LEFT – Carpet not cleaned  | RIGHT – Carpet cleaned
When they cleaned the carpet, the destroyed the texture… Now it’s all fuzzy


Comcast came out a third time

This time, the guy was well dressed and spoke like a professional.  I stopped him at the door and told him that the last guys said I didn’t have enough signal to the house and for him to check that first before he tried anything.

He checked and said we were good to go.  Woohoo!

So, he put in an HD DVR box in my living room and I got a few channels!

Then he put a little cable doohicky on my bedroom TV.  This thing doesn’t read from the living room DVR…. And it doesn’t do HD…. WHAT!?!  I would never turn my TV on if it wasn’t in HD!

This is what the TV service looked like when he left and said “It’ll come on in a few minutes”.  5 hours later…. It still says the same thing for about 90% of the channels.


Channel Available Shortly…. or NEVER

He said I just need to ask for another box, so I said sure OK, sounds reasonable.

Next was the internet…..

  • I told him not to install the outlet on the exterior wall because the last technicians said that it was impossible.
  • I gave him a closet wall to install the outlet in.  I even said I was pretty sure the wall didn’t have insulation, especially since it was a closet.
  • In about 10 minutes, he came downstairs and said I’m done, lets hook up this modem now.
  • We hook up the modem and nothing works…. He chats with a lady on the phone that says nothing is working.
  • He runs outside and checks and says “Your signal is no good” (I warned him)
  • His “outlet” isn’t an outlet.  It’s a cable hanging out of the wall.  So much for tidy connections.
  • Oh, and I walk into the closet and this is what I see…

A random wire hanging from the ceiling…

Not an Outlet

This is not an outlet. It’s a wire hanging from a wall with an ugly beige wall-plate. Don’t worry that the rest of the house has white face-plates… Matching isn’t something my wife cares about

So, he packs up and leaves me with a “waiting for channel” screen…. a TV without HD service, and no Internet.

What “Upgrading” to Comcast has cost me

  • $100 for a cable modem that would have been SOOOO fast! (if Comcast can give me service)
  • 2 1/2 work days
  • Big Hole in the wall (fixed by Comcast contractors)
  • Dent in the wall (fixed by Comcast contractors)
  • Scratches on the walls (fixed by Comcast contractors)
  • Hole in my attic wall (not fixed, not caulked…nothing)
  • Holes in my ceiling and wall (not fixed… see above)
  • Destroyed Custom Carpet (not fixed… see above)
  • It will cost at least $85 to get DirectTV back out and fix the Comcast screw up.

What Comcast has cost themselves

  • 1 customer – I will never recommend this company to another person.
  • Hundreds of customers – I will actively tell people NOT to choose Comcast if they have a choice.

Life Lesson of the Day/Week/Month

Be happy with what you have.

  • Upgrading from 6Mbps Internet to 20Mbps isn’t worth this headache.
  • Paying $125/month for Internet and TV isn’t all that bad.
  • Service that goes out in thunderstorms is just a “warning” to get to a closet in bad weather.

Tip of the Day

If you have a choice, don’t choose Comcast.

Quote of the Day

From a friend on Facebook:  “Comcast is by far the worst organization I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with and that includes the Pakistani Government.”

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  1. I apologize for the poor experience. I work for Comcast and I will be happy to reach out to my local colleagues to ensure that your concerns are addressed. Please feel free to reach out to me, provide your account information as well as the link to this page at

    Thanks in advance,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

    • Thanks for the reply Mark. I got everything settled yesterday with the escalation team. I ended up deciding to not go ahead with the install after all of the troubles. They said they’ll have someone get with me about the damages in the next couple of days.