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The iPad Mini

So, Apple just announced the iPad mini… Click here for the Apple Site.

What do I think of it?

Well, it looks like a great tablet.  If you already have a tablet, you don’t need it.  If you don’t have a tablet after 2-3 years of table computing, this is probably your device.

I like everything about it technically, I think it’s a good small tablet for everyday users.  It’s not a workhorse like the new iPad 3 or 4, but it is definitely competitive and superior to most of the “mini” tablets on the market.

That said, I hate the price.  $329 for the 16GB of space and no cellular signal is a rip-off.  Apple is known for higher priced devices, but in a few months, you’ll be able to find a used 16GB iPad 3 (larger and faster) on eBay for the same price.  Apple dove into the mini market to compete with the smaller tablets and won technically, but way overshot on the pricing.  A 16GB Nexus 7 tablet runs around $250, and when the holidays come around that number will fall further.

If you have Macbook Air, then maybe the iPad mini will work for you.  I’ve never recommended a tablet to anyone with an Air, but this one may be reasonable.

I won’t be buying an iPad mini.


A 4th Generation iPad already?!

Just 7 months after I purchased my 3rd generation iPad, Apple comes out with a 4th Generation iPad.  It has an upgraded A6 processor that my iPhone 5 has, so it’ll be even faster than my ultra-fast phone.  My iPad 3 may be the fastest tablet/computing device I’ve ever had.  It’s the sleekest, slimmest, and easiest device I’ve ever used.  I don’t think it’s been rebooted other than to update software since I’ve owned it.  I love it.

There’s no reason for me to upgrade…..

In fact, if you have an iPad 2 or iPad 3, theres no reason for you to upgrade.  Those devices are still top of the line, best of breed.  If you don’t have a tablet or have an original iPad and you don’t like the iPad mini, maybe it’s time to check out the iPad 4

The only reason I would buy an iPad 4 is to consolidate the lighting cables I use. This way I can use the same cord for my iPhone and iPad…. But I’m probably just going to buy a 30 pin adapter.


Are the updates too frequent?

With Mountain Lion, Lion, iPad 3/iPad4, the new Nanos, the new Macbook Refresh, and the yearly iPhone cycle…. Are the Apple updates too frequent?

I understand stockholders scream for innovation and revenue 24/7, but is Apple helping itself by refreshing and updating too quickly?  I’m a full fledged geek that loves to tinker and update and I’m getting tired of updating phones, tablets, and computers.  Sometimes I just want an operating system and device that will work and won’t “get slower”.  If I didn’t have to update my Macbook for the next 2 years I’d be EXTREMELY SATISFIED with Apple.

I guess what I’m saying is that: I may have enough already.  When “Super Mountain Lion Z” and the “iPhone 12” come out next year, I’m not sure I’ll be participating in the late night order-fest.  I have the best consumer devices available.  They work perfectly.  I think Apple has lost me as a yearly updater because their products are just that good.  I don’t need a new one next year.  If Apple were able to evenly space their product refreshes to around 18-24 months, I’d be more inclined to update each device.

But as of now, I have update fatigue.


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