Google Maps Is Out!!! iPhone Users Rejoice!

Google maps for the iPhone is finally out!!!

No more praying for the right directions before asking apple maps to take you somewhere!

Here’s the link:

Like all other “non-native” apps, you won’t be able to directly click an address and take you to google maps. It’ll default to the terrible apple maps, so you’ll be using copy-paste a lot. But it’s still well worth it!

I’m in Minneapolis this week and plan on using Google Maps to get to the office, lunch, and airport so we’ll see.

Apple maps have been OK at getting me places this week…. OK as in it seems to get me within viewing distance of a sign so I can find the place from there. A far cry from the old google maps…

Lets hope the navigation feature of Google Maps lives up to their mapping reputation.

The navigation lady’s voice seems to be a little annoying. I like Siri’s voice better, but who cares about the voice if she never gets you to the right place!

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