Here we go… JNCIE-SEC Exam scheduled!

I just scheduled my JNCIE-SEC exam for June 19, 2013!

I’m fairly confident I could take it now and pass, but I thought I’d give myself a couple of months to truly dive into configs, case studies, etc.  I already have the other 2 JNCIE’s and the lab-based JNCIP, so I know how the testing process goes, I just need to be sure I know the content of this one.

So, what am I going to be using for study materials?


  • 2 Juniper SRX100H 
  • I’m thinking about purchasing a J2320 or another SRX100H… Not sure yet.
  • 1 ESXi Server (5.0) (Mac Mini with 16GB Ram)
    • 7 Firefly VMs (12.1)
    • 3 Homebrewed Security Olives (10.0)


Websites I’ll be Reading


Looks like I’ll be doing a bit of reading in the next few months!

If anyone else has any recommendations, let me know and I’ll take a look.


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Responses to “Here we go… JNCIE-SEC Exam scheduled!”

  1. I’m preparing for my lab that would be by end of August , most of my preparation on firefly VM’s , I’m interested to do some labs with you to share experience , if you are interested , please ping me at my email :

    • Hey Hany, Sorry this is late, i’ve been crazy busy lately…. Good luck on your test! Work on Filter Based Forwarding, clustering, and VPNs!