Update JUNOS Config with Remote API slax/juise

Mike over at High on PHP recently showed everyone the coolest thing in the world …. How to run SLAX on JUNOS boxes remotely with JUISE…. Seeing this in action nearly made me pee my pants! Too COOL!

I went through his setup with ease…once I upgraded my Linux distribution.  (It requires curl libraries that were really only made available on Debian 7).  His steps are super simple to follow.

If you’re a Mac user and don’t feel like booting up a VM or compiling things from source, there’s a super simple way to install JUISE on a Mac. Thanks @brandonrbennett for the tip!

brew install juise

Once you have juise installed and have run through Mike’s test script, you’ll realize one super cool thing…. You can update the config this way as well!

Here’s a quick script to update the host-name of a device or multiple devices to TESTING123 if you use a hosts file or TESTING321 if you use a single remote host. Remember to be patient, as this is executing a commit on the box.

juise change-hostname.slax remote-host

juise change-hostname.slax host-file change-hostnames-list.xml

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