iOS 7 First Look: iTunes Radio

iOS 7 was announced two days ago! And boy was it a change…. Over the next few days I’m going to be to be posting some reviews/first looks at the OS.

Today, I’m looking at something I’ll probably use most. iTunes radio.

I’ve listened to several songs over the last couple of days. Its algorithms seem to work just as well as Pandora so far. I can only imagine it gets even better when millions of users hit the system.

As far as functionality, it’s much like Pandora, with a couple of exceptions…

  • To like or dislike a song, you have to click the star. I feel like clicking a star means I like it. I don’t want to click a star when I don’t like a song…. In fact, I don’t want to have to button clicks to just to like a song.
  • I like that you can buy a song straight from the app and add it to a wish list. Not that I really ever buy songs though.
  • It let me skip through 10 songs before forcing me to listen to that song. I haven’t seen or heard an advertisement yet… But they say it’s ad supported.
  • It seems to play more “mainstream” songs than Pandora. I liked using Pandora for discovering new artists/songs. With iTunes radio, I’ve only heard songs I already know or have heard on the radio.




You can choose not to use cellular data for iTunes Radio


Stations are setup much the same way as Pandora. The interface is pretty slick though.


The Now Playing screen. No Like or dislike button… Just a star



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