iOS 7 First Look: Photos

Yesterday I blogged about the new iTunes Radio in iOS7. Today I’m checking out the camera and photo features.

Let’s start with the photos app first:

The Icon isn’t a photo.  It’s doesn’t lead you to believe that by clicking it, it will take you to a magical land of photos.  It looks like some color wheel flower.  They changed the icons to “keep up to date”…. and also to “just be confusing”. It may be pretty, but it doesn’t make sense. And for Apple, “just making sense” is where they always win.


The Photos Icon makes no sense

The default view of photos is the “Moments” screen.  They’ve taken the “Event” idea from iPhoto and moved it to iOS.  They can logically separate photos by date and location since those are embedded into every picture we take.  This makes A LOT of sense and I’m super glad they did this.  I’m tired of seeing 1,200 pictures in my camera roll all scrolled in together.


Moments organized perfectly for those “Moments” we take pictures

If “moments” are too detailed for you, you can just go “back” by clicking on “Collections” and viewing all the pictures taken near each other within a date-range…. So, it automatically collated all of my Ireland pictures into a “collection” called Ireland.  That’s WAY cool!




Neatly Organized Photos in a “Collection”


Photos without locations are still put in a Collection



If “Collections” are too detailed for you, you can back into “Years”.  Years are just that, a broad view of all of your pictures taken throughout each year and the places.



Years is as far back as you can go…

If you want to see where the pictures were taken, just click on the heading (Ireland in this case) and it’ll put pins on all of locations like “Places” did in iOS 6.


Places was one of my favorite parts of Photos. Glad they left it, but they kind of “hid” it.

Your photo stream and albums are still there on the bottom right, but I have a feeling you won’t be using them anymore since Collections and Moments seem to organize perfectly for you.


Are albums becoming obsolete?


The “Shared” section holds all of your shared albums and Activity.  It’s basically the “Photo Stream” part of the iOS 6 app.




Speaking of sharing…. The sharing feature for photo is really cool.  You can share instantly with any of your friends running iOS7 nearby  using AirDrop.  Or, you could use any of the “old school” methods: Message, Mail, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr.


The sharing button got an OVERHAUL!

You can also copy, send to an airplay device, assign to a contact, use as wallpaper, or print.  LOTS of functionality built in.  Really cool!

All in all, I think they improved the Photos app in both functionality and design and did so without removing anything we used or liked about the original.

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