Get started cycling with the right ingredients! #expensive #fun

I seem to find one or two new hobbies a year and they never end up being cheap.

Last year it was running and shooting, so at least running was cheap!  This year it’s bicycling and triathlons!  My goal is to run in an Ironman next year!

I’m currently training for a 100 mile ride in September and i’ll go from there to IM training!

So, I just got started cycling in May and have had loads of fun in the last few months training and riding.  I wanted to list my “ingredients” for my successful trek into cycling!


  • Visit a Bike Shop
    • I didn’t, but this will be ultra helpful in learning the ins and outs of biking
    • They’ll also fit you for shoes and a bike even if you don’t buy from them.
  • Calculate your bike sizes
  • A bike!  – required
    • I got a road bike. These range from $500-$5000.
    • Road bikes are great for commuting, long rides, and even triathlons.
    • A great way to find one is looking at Craigslist.


  • A Helmet ($50) – required








  • Aerodynamic Wheels
    • These can get quite pricey.
    • Provide possibly the greatest pedal power savings for the money though.
  • Aerodynamic Bars
    • For the “crouching” position you see all the pros doing in the races!

As you can see, the list of things grows and grows and can get pretty expensive.  If you start simple, you can always upgrade!

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