iOS 7: Do Not Disturb (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

If you’re like the majority of everyone in the world that’s succumbed to peer pressure and mass marketing, you have an iPhone or some “iDevice”.

With Apple’s closed hardware/software distribution model, they have the unique ability to push updates seamlessly to the millions of users.  This is the main reason for the massive early adoption rate of iOS 7.  Within a week of iOS7’s introduction, 60% of all iDevices were running it.  That adoption rate is amazing considering the breadth of distribution.

So, why have all of my iPhone toting buddies never heard of Do Not Disturb?!?!

A couple excuses I’ve heard:

  • “I’m on call and need my boss to get ahold of me at night.”
  • “What if my family and close friends need me late at night ?”

The DND feature of iOS7 includes a feature to allow those calls to get through but nothing else.

I’ve sent a few late night texts recently and had people tell me I woke them up….
Turn on DND and don’t get woken up people!!!

Texts, emails, push notifications, and calls will automatically be ignored and won’t send your phone vibrating violently off the nightstand.

Here’s how:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Do Not Disturb
  • Set a schedule for DND.
  • Allow calls from specific groups (I choose my favorites (aka family and close friends)
  • Allow or disallow multiple calls. This means that if someone calls multiple times in 3 minutes it won’t silence the calls.


It’s there to be used guys! Don’t be scared of it! Turn it on so I can late night spam you!!

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