Down for a couple days…

I upgraded this server from OS X Mountain Lion Server to OS X Mavericks Server two nights ago…..

The server is remotely managed by Macstadium and they HOOKED me up when it didn’t return from the upgrade.  They rebuilt the upgrade from USB and  put it back where it needed to be!  Kudos to Phil @ Macstadium!

Anyway, Mavericks decided to change my httpd.conf config, my custom SSH port, and upgraded PHP.

The httpd.conf changes were pretty easy to manage especially with this post at dillieo digital.

Next, I had to change the ssh port away from the default 22 (so many hackers from China all up in my grill!).  Super easy with this Coded Memes Post.

Lastly, I had to update some old PHP from my Instagram Plugin….  This Stackoverflow question helped me update the Instagram Code…


So, in the end.  If you’re going to upgrade something critical, it’s probably best to stick around and check baselines instead of going to sleep! 🙂

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