5 Things Every Network Needs

Run a service provider network, enterprise, commercial, health, financial, or retail network?  Run any sort of network?

Well then, here are 5 things your network NEEDS today!

  1. Redundancy
  2. Security
  3. Capacity Management
  4. Logging (SIEM)
  5. Application/Customer/Endpoint Visibility


Have you ever owned a computer that didn’t blue screen or give you the spinning beach ball of death?  No? Neither have I.  Network devices are just computers, but they have faults and eventually need to be upgraded, rebooted, fixed, or removed.  They’re going to fail.  It’s better to plan for the failures with redundant systems before the failures occur.


Hear about the Playstation Network DDoS in 2011?  What about the one a couple days ago?  What about Target last year? Or even the NSA spygate stuff?  Hackers, governments, disgruntled employees, everyone wants to infiltrate your network for one reason or another.  Your need firewalls upon firewalls, DDoS prevention, Web Application Firewalls, RSA tokens, single sign-ons, 802.1x, intrusion detection, malware detonator, etc.  Basically, you need more security than you need network equipment.

Capacity Management

Whether it’s a freeware version of Cacti or a 6 month implementation Solarwinds, CA, HP, your links are going to bottleneck somewhere.  It’s best to know where those will be and predict them before they happen.  Your datacenter users won’t like it when your 1G trunk between switches overloads during a 20TB database sync.

Logging (SIEM)

When dealing with network, security, wireless, and data center equipment you’re going to have a LOT of devices in your network.  You need a log management solution that takes the logs from each device and correlates the thousands of messages into useful, digestible information.  The best SIEM systems integrate security awareness and threat/vulnerability into them.

Application/Customer/Endpoint Visibility

What is your network for?  The customer of course!  All those big pipes, secured devices, encrypted tunnels, and log management servers are doing no good if you don’t know what/who rides your network!  Get to know your customer.  Whether you’re an ISP and your customer is a person or company or you’re in a datacenter and your customer is a rack full of HADOOP cluster servers, it’ll make your network run so much smoother when you have visibility into what’s riding your pipes.

P.S.  The next step in that application/customer/endpoint visibility?  Software Defined Networking of course!


Get these 5 things in your network and your customers and your bosses will LOVE you!



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