Know Your Environment #netsec

In one of my recent posts (5 Things Every Network Needs) I mentioned application/endpoint visibility.  Let’s look into this idea a bit further.

When you are looking to implement security mechanisms in your network, you need to know what you’re securing.  Not just “what” you’re securing, but how it works, what it’s for, and where it goes.

How does the Secret Service start to secure the President?  They know WHERE he is going, HOW he is getting there, and WHAT he is going there for.  They know everything there is to know and that makes him much easier to secure.

Your data, applications, and customers are the same way.  Know their ins and outs and every move and you’ll be able to protect them better.

Adding security layers on top of each other without thinking through the application flow can cause more havoc than security holes it fills.  More security is important and mostly necessary, but first understand what you’re protecting and the risks associated with protecting those assets.

And BE REASONABLE! Security always adds a little more complexity and usually an additional hop for traffic to traverse.  When it comes to operating networks, simple is always more cost effective, so don’t go overboard with security mechanisms in places you don’t need them.

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