Social Investing?

I think Motif Investing is the New wave for the younger generation investor. We always “google it” before we try anything and we’re such a “DIY” generation. Why not with investing? E-trade and Scottrade are part of our parents generation. Motif is cheaper, more intuitive, and easier. It also has a “social” side where you can compare your gains to your friends and family.

How is it cheaper? They let you buy fractional shares first of all. So you can start with only $250 and buy Berkshire Hathaway, Google, Netflix, Con Agra, Adobe, Apple, and more.
Well, what about commissions? You can buy up to 30 stocks at one time for only 9.95 total. Not 9.95 per stock… 9.95 TOTAL. That’s awesome!

If you’re interested in getting started in investing, Check Motif Investing Out (if you sign up we both get $100)!

Check out my first “motif” I created:


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