iPhone WiFi Calling not working

WiFi calling on the iPhone is awesome when it works…. But sometimes it doesn’t work.  Here are some steps to try to resolve WiFi Calling not working.


  • WiFi calling calls fail
  • Battery Drain
  • Incoming calls aren’t ringing
  • Incoming callers can’t hear you
  • iPhone gets warm when on WiFi
  • iPhone switches between WiFi carrier and regular carrier (T-Mobile to T-Mobile WiFi)


Try these fixes in order one by one

  1. Update your WiFi Emergency Address (even if you update it to the same address, just update it)
  2. Reset Network Settings
  3. Reboot
  4. Check SIM card for 3GG or “60.00”
  5. Check WiFi router firewall settings for ports 500 and 4500
  6. Force the WiFi router to “G” Mode
  7. Replace WiFi Router


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