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I’m Ben. Right now I’m living in the NYC area.  I’m a network engineer and instructor (I build the internet highways).  I lived in Arkansas and Mississippi for the last 9 years of my life.   The roads are great for evening/weekend motorcycle rides and the state parks are awesome for hikes/bikes/climbs and strolls. I’m still trying to find the fun outdoorsy things to do in the big city! 🙂

I’m a technical pro, but an avid outdoorsman by heart.  Let’s just say if I lived near a beach, this page would say “I like long walks on the beach (with my laptop)”.

I hope to give back to the community that has helped with so much of my technical, photographic, and random information needs.  This blog is an everything blog from whatever I’m feeling that day to a how-to setup a fresh linux installation or bird feeder!  I’m sure it will evolve into a different monster later, but I’m going with an “everything” blog for now.

Thank you to all who have wandered here down the internet backalleys!  Hopefully you found something useful or intersting here and you’ll keep coming back.  Leave a comment or two.  Again, thank you so very much!

Oh, and a bit more about me:

1. I loooove to use exclamation points, you’ll see many of these!!!!!!!

2. I’m a sports fanatic: my favorite teams are: Arkansas (College FB), Duke (College BB), Knicks (NBA), Chiefs (NFL), Avalanche (NHL)

3. I can’t get enough golf.  I’m a big tiger fan, but my true favorites are Freddie and DLIII.  Although, with Stewart Cink now on Twitter, I may become a follower, no pun intended.   I normally shoot in the mid-high 80s.  I have this problem with my driver where it won’t go where I want it to.

4. I’m old…. I turn 30 this fall……..Wow

5. I used go to New Life Church in Little Rock, AR, Trinity Baptist Church in Southaven, MS, now I go to Apostles NYC and absolutely love it.  New Life was one of the most interactive and relative churches I’d ever been to.  Pastor Rick Bezet is amazing and the staff behind him are what make it a fascinating church and spiritually feeding. Trinity Baptist is more suburban in nature with a higher average age, but no less relational.  The people are awesome and Pastor Chad preaches the Gospel as true as you can get! Apostles NYC (part of the Acts 29 network) is an awesome light for Christ in the big city.

I started my walk with Christ as an awkward 16 year old at Antioch Bible Baptist in Kansas City.  Since then, I’ve walked through high mountains and low valleys with my best friend and Savior with the help of FCA, Young-Life, Chi-AlphaFirst Baptist Church in Springdale, New Life Church, Fellowship Bible in Little Rock, Trinity Baptist, and now Apostles NYC.

I love my faith and it will continue to be an integral part of my life and probably my blog. Oh, and check out one of my favorite pastors Mark Driscoll with Mars Hill Church


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  1. Hi ben how are you??? this is srikanth From India. Now i am working in Networking domain. I have around 2 years experience. currently i am not happy with my present company. i need some training in networking can any one our friends or you can help.