Fitbit Flex Won’t Charge?

I’ve had one version of the Fitbit or another since 2012.  I’ve lost or broken probably 4 or 5 of them.  All of them were my fault.  Except the latest…. For some reason the Fitbit Flex’s design makes the charging contacts get smudged and dirty VERY easily and prevent charging.  This has happened 5 times in … Continue Reading

Training for a Century Ride #biking #training #100miler

So I decided that one ultra long endurance race this year wasn’t enough… I signed up for the Big Dam Bridge 100 Mile Bicycle ride! Not only that, but I convinced the wifey and parents to come along for the torture as well! We even went out and bought road bikes to make it all … Continue Reading

Breaking Habits – Help Me!

This post really isn’t a how-to like most of my posts. It’s actually a call for help…. I have plenty of habits, some good, some bad, and I’d like to know everyone’s tools they use to break them. I recently got what I consider the best backpack ever (a LowePro Fastpack 250) It has a … Continue Reading

How I Ran My First Marathon!

Notice I said “first”… What’s wrong me? It’s the day after the marathon and my legs can hardly move, my back hurts, my core is sore, and my left knee feels like it’s gone through a meat grinder and I’m actually considering doing this again in my lifetime!?  I was a sprinter in high school, … Continue Reading

Juicing: SLEEEEPT LAST NIGHTT!! #juicefast #juicecleanse #juicediet

Most nights for the past 3 or 4 weeks I have been waking up around 3am-4am every night and not been able to get back to sleep. Last night, I went to sleep at midnight and woke up at 8:30!!  I don’t know if it has anything to do with juicing, but it’s a plus!

Juicing: Day 1 – How I felt #juicefast #juicecleanse #juicediet

How did I feel after drinking 3 glasses of juice all day? Surprisingly well! I didn’t feel lethargic, and felt energetic.  I felt “lighter”, even though I hadn’t lost any weight.  The only time I felt a bit sluggish was during strength training. I did 30 minutes of cardio interval training (30 seconds hard, 30 … Continue Reading

Last Night’s Juice #juicefast #juicediet #juicecleanse

My third and final juice last night was probably the worst. 10 Strawberries 5 Stalks of Kale (Kale doesn’t really give off that much juice for the size of the stalk) 1 Tomato 8 Carrots   I put it in the fridge, took the dog for a walk and came back.  I had to drink … Continue Reading

Juicing Tips #juicecleanse #juicefast #juicediet

Here are some handy tips for juice I’ve discovered during the juice cleanse… Keep a cutting board nearby.  Cut Veggies and Fruit tend to juice faster/easier Keep a paper towel under the downspout… It’s design to prevent leaks… but it can still leak Cucumbers give a HUGE bang for the buck.  One cucumber can fill … Continue Reading

Juice #2: Yummy! #juicefast #juicecleanse #juicediet

So, I’m not even that hungry, but I made myself another juice to combat the urge to grab the leftover pizza in the fridge. The juice isn’t really doing anything for that feeling of “chewing”…. I just want to chew something.  Now I know why puppies chew up everything in the room when you leave. … Continue Reading