10 Misconceptions I Had Before Moving To NYC (part 1)

Back in 2013 I moved to New York City. The “Big Apple”. The “City That Never Sleeps”. I was 28 years old and had been a few times before and heard all about it in the movies and media. I thought I knew what I was getting into…. But I didn’t. Living in New York … Continue Reading

Rendezvous BBQ in Memphis, TN

My Favorite Places: Rendezvous BBQ in Memphis

Yes, I’ve lived in Memphis for 2 years and I only recently went to Rendezvous BBQ downtown. Let’s just say it.  It’s world famous for a reason. The dry rub ribs were the ribs I have ever had.  And I don’t even like dry rub ribs.  I’ve enjoyed sweet saucy barbecue for as long as … Continue Reading

Darling harbour

My Favorite Places: Darling Harbour

If you’re in Sydney for just one day and have to pick one place to eat/stroll along.  Pick Darling Harbour. The attractions, sights, atmosphere, and food around the harbor are aplenty.  You’ll definitely find something worth doing, seeing, and/or eating there. Here are a few of the awesome things you can see while your’e there: … Continue Reading

Sunset from the top of Pinnacle Mountain

My Favorite Places: Pinnacle Mountain

I’m an outdoorsy person if you couldn’t tell by now.  So this next favorite place was an outdoorsy place in my back yard for a couple years.  It also has a bit a sentimental-ness behind it too! From my sophomore year in college (2004) until 2010, I visited the peak of Pinnacle around 100 times. … Continue Reading

barrio cafe in phoenix

My Favorite Places: Barrio Cafe in Phoenix

Sometimes my favorite place is a restaurant.  Actually, most times it is.  I think I may have an unhealthy obsession with food. 🙂 Next on my favorite places list is Barrio Cafe in Phoenix.  This restaurant located near the corner of E. Thomas and 16th street has some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever … Continue Reading

Pink Flower

My Favorite Places: Singapore Botanical Gardens

If you ever get a chance to head to the far east, try your hardest to make your way over to Singapore. If not for the culture, food, atmosphere, or people, do it for the amazing Singapore Botanical Gardens. Let me preface this by saying I’m not a fru fru guy, but I just live … Continue Reading

Top of 30 Rock

My Favorite Places: The Top of the Rock

Everyone that visits New York climbs to the top of the Empire State Building.  You can spend up to 2 hours waiting in line just to get to the 86th floor.  Once you’re on top, you have obstructed views and you’ll fight with all the crowds of tourists.  But hey, at least you can say … Continue Reading

Cafe Intermezzo

My Favorite Places: Cafe Intermezzo

The Atlanta airport is the busiest airport in the world.  There are 6 bustling terminals with a new one being added soon.  No matter what time you fly into ATL, you’re bound to see thousands of people.  It’s a bit nerve racking.  I’ve seen normal looking people lose it in the gate areas.  I have no doubt … Continue Reading

The Space Shuttle Discovery

My Favorite Places: DC Air and Space Museum

I’m starting a new blog series: My Favorite Places.  With my awesome rock-star job, I get to go to some really cool places. Time to share my adventures! 🙂 Let’s start with the place I went today.  The National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, VA. I’ve been to the Air and Space Museum on … Continue Reading