Surveys! 5 reasons to take them!

I complain a lot… I mean a TON! I’ve always been picky. When I was a kid, I couldn’t live if my green beans touched my mashed potatoes, or my jeans were the wrong shade of blue. And now as a frequent flyer and someone who spends more time away from home than at home, … Continue Reading

Help Stop CISPA! #takeaction #blackout

                    This is my CISPA blackout… I’m a huge fan of whitespace and minimalism, so you don’t get a black/blank page. 🙂                       The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a version of the CISPA (Cyber … Continue Reading

Find files with matching content in Linux/Debian/Mac

Sometimes you have need to find all files with certain words in them.  If you’re on Linux/Debian/Mac, you can run a really simple command to find them! That command is “grep”. Here’s an example that recursively searches subfolders for “set groups node1” grep -iR ‘set groups node1’ * Here is the output:

Here we go… JNCIE-SEC Exam scheduled!

I just scheduled my JNCIE-SEC exam for June 19, 2013! I’m fairly confident I could take it now and pass, but I thought I’d give myself a couple of months to truly dive into configs, case studies, etc.  I already have the other 2 JNCIE’s and the lab-based JNCIP, so I know how the testing … Continue Reading

Breaking Habits – Help Me!

This post really isn’t a how-to like most of my posts. It’s actually a call for help…. I have plenty of habits, some good, some bad, and I’d like to know everyone’s tools they use to break them. I recently got what I consider the best backpack ever (a LowePro Fastpack 250) It has a … Continue Reading

How I Ran My First Marathon!

Notice I said “first”… What’s wrong me? It’s the day after the marathon and my legs can hardly move, my back hurts, my core is sore, and my left knee feels like it’s gone through a meat grinder and I’m actually considering doing this again in my lifetime!?  I was a sprinter in high school, … Continue Reading

Shawn McDonald – All I Need (Chords and Lyrics)

I must have a version of Shawn McDonald’s “All I Need” that no one else in the world has…. Just kidding, it’s on YouTube. I could find the chords for the main song, but not the lyrics for the rap towards the end of the song…. I mean, not one website in the world has … Continue Reading

Update your RSS Feeds! New URL!

Hey everyone, update your RSS feeds, I’ve moved my blog from my house to my dedicated server out in the wild! My new URL is  

How To View Others’ Achievements

I’m reading Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and finding a lot of disturbing similarities between her fictitious world and the one we live in today. One of the quotes struck me as relevant in today’s workplace: Miss Taggart, do you know the hallmark of the second – rater? It’s resentment of another man’s achievement. Those touchy … Continue Reading