Everything You Need to Know Before Tomorrow’s Announcement!

Really, everything you need to know has already been written by Matt Haughey. I’m just reposting his blog here (http://a.wholelottanothing.org/2011/10/how-to-port-your-att-iphone-number-to-a-new-verizon-iphone-quickly.html) , because it’s all you need to know for the upcoming iPhone 5 launch: How to port your AT&T iPhone number to a new Verizon iPhone quickly Before you call you will need a lot of info … Continue Reading

Why do they worship a chicken shop?

To all my gay friends on Facebook and Twitter, I want to apologize for all of the terrible, mean, and hurtful things said over the past couple weeks with this Chick-fil-A nonsense.  A lot of things have been said under the guise of Christian morals and Christian faith.  I just want to let you know … Continue Reading

#Rule40 is Stupid for the #Olympics … oh and #NBCFail

I want to weigh in on another controversy since Chick-fil-a isn’t enough for me today …. It’s actually very unusual for me to rant, so bear with me. =o) /beginRANT If you haven’t heard, the Olympics are disallowing any athlete from tweeting/promoting any corporate sponsor that isn’t on the approved “sponsor/partner list”.  Talk about lack … Continue Reading