Down for a couple days…

I upgraded this server from OS X Mountain Lion Server to OS X Mavericks Server two nights ago….. The server is remotely managed by Macstadium and they HOOKED me up when it didn’t return from the upgrade.  They rebuilt the upgrade from USB and  put it back where it needed to be!  Kudos to Phil @ … Continue Reading

Where is httpd.conf on Mac OS X Server?

Mac OS X Server is awesome! But it “hides” configuration files for some of the services it runs. Finding them can be a pain… This is the directory where OS X Server puts all of the relevant httpd.conf files: /Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/sites/

Apache: Rewrite subdirectory to another domain…

I recently moved my blog from my home server to a hosted server with Mac Stadium.  When I did this, I borked a few links out there on the Internets.  I didn’t want to go update everywhere I saw “” with “”, so I looked for an easy-peasy way to take those requests and forward … Continue Reading

PHP: How to print all $_SERVER Variables

If you don’t want to go through the PHP $_SERVER variables one by one to look for something, you can print them all at once with a simple PHP loop: The functions below print all of the PHP $_SERVER variables to the screen. <?php while (list($var,$value) = each ($_SERVER)) { echo “$var => $value”; } … Continue Reading

PHP: How to redirect based on requested page

I have several websites running, but they all are behind the same IP address. I don’t want to do funny things with ports or buy additional address space, so I came up with a “call forwarding” type page as my home page (that the user never sees). Based on the requested web host I will … Continue Reading