Segmenting Datacenter Servers (Security and Performance)

In data center networking, you really don’t care what is hosted on a server. Let’s face it. You know it’s true. Some business unit probably calls this app “critical”. It probably generates a report that 3 people in the company see. But it’s important to them. To you, it’s a VLAN, an IP address, a … Continue Reading

Clouds: Part 5 (Q and A)

Q. Where is the cloud? A. The “cloud solution” is at each company’s datacenter.  In fact, if it’s a smart company, they’ll have multiple data centers with the “cloud” spread out between them.  So if you’re using Apple’s “icloud” service, you’re probably touching their cloud service in datacenter’s in Iowa, California, Oregon, and North Carolina. … Continue Reading

Clouds: Part 4 (Cloud Implementations)

There are four types of cloud implementations: Public Private Hybrid Community Public Cloud In a public cloud, the infrastructure is made available to the general public over the Internet. Public clouds are typically offered free for initial/minimal usage and for a fee for continued/extensive usage.  Examples of Public clouds are: Amazons Web Services, Google Apps. … Continue Reading

Clouds: Part 3 (Cloud Solutions)

There are 3 types of Cloud solutions or services: Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)   No matter the type of cloud, they all have an essential “cloud characteristic”: Multi-Tenancy. With multi-tenancy, several consumers utilize a shared platform.  This means that several customers will use the same SaaS, PaaS, IaaS service, but cannot view/access each … Continue Reading

Clouds: Part 2 (What Makes A Cloud?)

There are 2 ways to view the cloud: The Front-end The Back-end. Think of the cloud as a client-server relationship, only with a whole group of servers instead of just one.   The front-end is the user interface. This is how the users “connect” into the cloud. This can be a simple app that automatically … Continue Reading

Clouds: Part 1 (What is the Cloud?)

Today, just about every reputable software/hardware product comes with “cloud connectivity” or is “cloud based”. But what is “the cloud”? What makes it cloudy? Why is it called the cloud? Why should we care? I thought I’d start a short blog series on “the cloud”. What is the cloud? “Cloud” computing has been around for … Continue Reading

I’ve gone overboard…

And landed directly in the clouds. In the process of cleaning up unused docs & apps on my Mac I noticed something rather peculiar.  My virtual stuff is EVERYWHERE!!! I probably have over 20 cloud and/or storage solutions: Dropbox (for quick access to files) Sugarsync (for gigs and gigs of free storage to backup my … Continue Reading

iCloud and All the Trappings

This one’s for you John! If you’ve updated to iOS5 on any of your Apple products, you’ve been made aware of something called “iCloud”.  There’s even a very high likelihood that iCloud may have messed with some of your settings like contacts and calendars and caused a lot of frustration. This is a lengthy review, … Continue Reading

SugarSync, and why I love it!

Ever since my last boss lost all of his important data I’ve been a bit “obsessed” with backing up all of my important data. Much to the chagrin of my wife, I’ve built my own personal cloud and now have a 4 site backup with over 5TB of storage to prevent my most important data … Continue Reading