Layered Security on A Network Device

I recently co-authored a whitepaper discussing the layered network security approach typically implemented with PCI Compliance. This got me thinking about layered security in general. Data center security, network security, application security, physical security, and national security… One thing these entirely different security architectures have in common is the layered approach to securing critical assets. … Continue Reading

Here we go… JNCIE-SEC Exam scheduled!

I just scheduled my JNCIE-SEC exam for June 19, 2013! I’m fairly confident I could take it now and pass, but I thought I’d give myself a couple of months to truly dive into configs, case studies, etc.  I already have the other 2 JNCIE’s and the lab-based JNCIP, so I know how the testing … Continue Reading

JUNOS (Navigating versions)

There seems to always be confusion when dealing with network operating systems. I saw a post on a forum that explained Juniper’s way of doing things and decided it needed to be put on the web. Starting in 2010, Juniper went to a new way of versioning thier operating system, JUNOS. It’s slightly different than … Continue Reading