How To View Others’ Achievements

I’m reading Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and finding a lot of disturbing similarities between her fictitious world and the one we live in today. One of the quotes struck me as relevant in today’s workplace: Miss Taggart, do you know the hallmark of the second – rater? It’s resentment of another man’s achievement. Those touchy … Continue Reading

Troubleshooting a @JuniperNetworks SRX Flow

How I troubleshoot on an SRX Prerequisite: Log Everything! Look for logs If you see denied logs, the SRX is not allowing the flow. Check the policy configuration: Make sure this traffic is hitting the correct policy Change the policy or reorder policies to allow the traffic If you see permitted logs, the SRX is … Continue Reading

3 Days Left! Help Donate to St. Jude’s!

Hey everyone!  There are only 3 days left to help me reach my goal of $250 in donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The link to donate is If you’ve already donated, then share this with everyone you know! Every dollar helps!  C’mon Y’all! It’s not like I do this all the time..  🙂 … Continue Reading

iOS Problem Fix: iMessage Not Delivered

If you’ve seen the words “Not Delivered!” under an iMessage on your iOS device, you’re probably not the happiest camper.  You want your text messages read and replied to, not sitting in nowheresville cursing you with the red exclamation point! This post will help you fix your iMessage not delivered issue.  There are several ways, lets … Continue Reading