What is a Network? #NYTechDay

I spent a few hours at a trade/tech show yesterday in NYC.  My company sponsored a portion of the show and wanted to show off their shiny new network architect in their booth, so I sat down and prepared myself for the deluge of questions. I’m not sure what I was expecting.  Maybe a little … Continue Reading

Help Stop CISPA! #takeaction #blackout

                    This is my CISPA blackout… I’m a huge fan of whitespace and minimalism, so you don’t get a black/blank page. 🙂                       The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a version of the CISPA (Cyber … Continue Reading

I hope this isn’t @comcast typical…

Dear Comcast, I was so looking forward to your awesome XFinity Blast Plus service plan.  You reeled me in with 30Mbps downloads and a TV that doesn’t stop working in the rain.  I was really excited. And then…. You put your first foot forward.  And it was a dirty, lazy, rude foot.  In fact, it … Continue Reading

Wow…. Am I Psychic? #bgp #Juniper

So, only 18 days after I posted “What’s wrong with the Internet”, the Internet had another hiccup (read more here) and millions of users couldn’t surf/browse the Internet. No, it wasn’t hacked, but at this point does it really matter? It’s like I’m psychic… Or maybe there REALLY IS SOMETHING WRONG like I’ve been saying. … Continue Reading