East to West Data Center Security? #netsec

I always recommend layered security. And East-to-West Data Center Security is no different!  However, security for the sake of security isn’t ever a good thing. So let’s take a look at East-to-West DC security. I’d also wholeheartily agree with intrusion prevention (IPS) and possibly application layer security on east-to-west data center traffic.  Hackers are breaching East-to-West … Continue Reading

IDP isn’t a job, it’s a profession

Originally Posted on the Juniper Champion Community There are network engineers, there are security engineers, and then there are IDP (intrusion detection and prevention) engineers. Or at least there should be. I can’t count the number of times I’ve told enterprises during an IDP integration, “The configuration and setup I’m giving you is a good … Continue Reading

(D)DoS Script and How to Block with an SRX #antisec

In the spirit of all of the #antisec fun on twitter, here is a TCP SYN Flood perl script to test your intrusion detection solutions… PS> How to block it with a Juniper SRX is below the script.. Perl Script #!/usr/bin/perl # USAGE: sudo perl synflooder.pl source_ip destination_ip destination_port # # Find your source_ip with … Continue Reading