iPhone 4s / iPad 2 Jailbreak (greenpois0n/absinthe)

FINALLY!  An iPhone 4s/iPad 2 (IOS A5 chip) untethered jailbreak is out!  Right now, there’s only a Mac OS X app, but soon there’ll be more. greenpois0n’s webservers are getting hammered now.  I’m hosting a mirror (MD5: cf9e84c9585d4ce1b8d8fd0826007f6a) How to jailbreak: Download absinthe Run absinthe Plug iPhone into computer Click “Jailbreak” button Ignore the “Restore” prompt … Continue Reading

SugarSync, and why I love it!

Ever since my last boss lost all of his important data I’ve been a bit “obsessed” with backing up all of my important data. Much to the chagrin of my wife, I’ve built my own personal cloud and now have a 4 site backup with over 5TB of storage to prevent my most important data … Continue Reading

iOS: How to fix “device is not eligible” when upgrading to 4.3.4

If you’ve tried upgrading to IOS 4.3.4 on your iPad/iPhone/iPod and you keep getting the error “device is not eligible” you may have to clear your hosts file. This can be done very easily. ON A MAC: Open the Terminal App type the following command: sudo rm -rf /etc/hosts when it asks for your password … Continue Reading

How to Jailbreak IOS 4.3.3 with Pwnage Tool

This how-to guide is for Mac OS X. If you have a windows PC, try this How-to: http://www.limera1n.cc/2011/05/jailbreak-433-ios-untethered-sn0wbreeze.html Requirements: iTunes version > 10.2.2 Steps Download IOS 4.3.3 (~20 minutes on a 6Mb connection) Apple IOS Download Link Backup and sync your iPhone/iDevice in iTunes. Download Pwnage Tool: (~2 minutes) – For Mirrors go here Create … Continue Reading

Update WordPress from iPhone/iPad/iPod

Have a blog? Have an iPhone? Want to update your blog from that awesome iPhone? Here’s how: Enable the XML-RPC protocol from within the WordPress blog ‘writing’ settings. Download the WordPress 2 app from the app store. Run the WordPress 2 app. Fill out your blog URL, username, and password. Save and connect 6. Begin … Continue Reading