IP/MAC Scanner from Linux Command Line?

I use IP Scanners all the time.  Angry IP and IP Scanner Pro are great GUI applications for Windows, OS X, and Linux.  But what if you’re only option is a linux command line?  NMAP is here to the rescue! If you want to scan an IP range for MAC and IP Addresses that are … Continue Reading

How to make a static IP address in Ubuntu

If you have a new install of Ubuntu/Debian, you’ll notice that eth0 is always set to “DHCP”.  While this is fine and dandy for user environments, out there in the server world, we like static IP addresses. First thing’s first…. open the /etc/network/interfaces file. sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces Next, you want to change the eth0 DHCP setting … Continue Reading

Random Thought of the Day: Notation

Just a short random thought for today…..   we use all sorts of notation in Networking that sometimes it gets confusing.  And sometimes it’s just pretty cool.. For instance, 255 is a typical IP address octet notation.  You can notate 255 in many ways, but here are the 5 most common  ways. Decimal = 255 Hex … Continue Reading