Everything You Need to Know Before Tomorrow’s Announcement!

Really, everything you need to know has already been written by Matt Haughey. I’m just reposting his blog here (http://a.wholelottanothing.org/2011/10/how-to-port-your-att-iphone-number-to-a-new-verizon-iphone-quickly.html) , because it’s all you need to know for the upcoming iPhone 5 launch: How to port your AT&T iPhone number to a new Verizon iPhone quickly Before you call you will need a lot of info … Continue Reading

WeMo Firewall Ports

If you lockdown your outgoing connections via a firewall, you know that cool remote access apps like security cameras, thermostats, music players, and the new Belkin WeMo devices all make calls on non-standard ports. To get remote access to the Belkin WeMo devices, you’ll need to open the following ports on your outgoing firewall: TCP … Continue Reading

iOS Problem Fix: iMessage Not Delivered

If you’ve seen the words “Not Delivered!” under an iMessage on your iOS device, you’re probably not the happiest camper.  You want your text messages read and replied to, not sitting in nowheresville cursing you with the red exclamation point! This post will help you fix your iMessage not delivered issue.  There are several ways, lets … Continue Reading

iPhone 4s / iPad 2 Jailbreak (greenpois0n/absinthe)

FINALLY!  An iPhone 4s/iPad 2 (IOS A5 chip) untethered jailbreak is out!  Right now, there’s only a Mac OS X app, but soon there’ll be more. greenpois0n’s webservers are getting hammered now.  I’m hosting a mirror (MD5: cf9e84c9585d4ce1b8d8fd0826007f6a) How to jailbreak: Download absinthe Run absinthe Plug iPhone into computer Click “Jailbreak” button Ignore the “Restore” prompt … Continue Reading

How to Jailbreak IOS 4.3.3 with Pwnage Tool

This how-to guide is for Mac OS X. If you have a windows PC, try this How-to: http://www.limera1n.cc/2011/05/jailbreak-433-ios-untethered-sn0wbreeze.html Requirements: iTunes version > 10.2.2 Steps Download IOS 4.3.3 (~20 minutes on a 6Mb connection) Apple IOS Download Link Backup and sync your iPhone/iDevice in iTunes. Download Pwnage Tool: (~2 minutes) – For Mirrors go here Create … Continue Reading

How to Create Ringtones with iTunes

If you import music from CDs you’ll notice that the “Create Ringtone” doesn’t work for music you haven’t purchased directly from iTunes. There is a simple way to create a ringtone out of your favorite song from within iTunes… Pick a song Pick 15 seconds of the song you want Right Click on the song … Continue Reading