iPhone or iPad sync session failed to start

The backup and sync feature with Apple’s iTunes is slowly being replaced by iCloud’s features. But if you’re cheap like me and have over 120GB on your 128GB iPhone, you don’t want to resync with the cloud in the event of a failure. I have so much freaking data, I need a local back up. … Continue Reading


iOS 7 First Look: iTunes Radio

iOS 7 was announced two days ago! And boy was it a change…. Over the next few days I’m going to be to be posting some reviews/first looks at the OS. Today, I’m looking at something I’ll probably use most. iTunes radio. I’ve listened to several songs over the last couple of days. Its algorithms … Continue Reading

iCloud and All the Trappings

This one’s for you John! If you’ve updated to iOS5 on any of your Apple products, you’ve been made aware of something called “iCloud”. ┬áThere’s even a very high likelihood that iCloud may have messed with some of your settings like contacts and calendars and caused a lot of frustration. This is a lengthy review, … Continue Reading

How to Create Ringtones with iTunes

If you import music from CDs you’ll notice that the “Create Ringtone” doesn’t work for music you haven’t purchased directly from iTunes. There is a simple way to create a ringtone out of your favorite song from within iTunes… Pick a song Pick 15 seconds of the song you want Right Click on the song … Continue Reading