Juicing: SLEEEEPT LAST NIGHTT!! #juicefast #juicecleanse #juicediet

Most nights for the past 3 or 4 weeks I have been waking up around 3am-4am every night and not been able to get back to sleep. Last night, I went to sleep at midnight and woke up at 8:30!!  I don’t know if it has anything to do with juicing, but it’s a plus!

Juicing: Day 1 – How I felt #juicefast #juicecleanse #juicediet

How did I feel after drinking 3 glasses of juice all day? Surprisingly well! I didn’t feel lethargic, and felt energetic.  I felt “lighter”, even though I hadn’t lost any weight.  The only time I felt a bit sluggish was during strength training. I did 30 minutes of cardio interval training (30 seconds hard, 30 … Continue Reading

Last Night’s Juice #juicefast #juicediet #juicecleanse

My third and final juice last night was probably the worst. 10 Strawberries 5 Stalks of Kale (Kale doesn’t really give off that much juice for the size of the stalk) 1 Tomato 8 Carrots   I put it in the fridge, took the dog for a walk and came back.  I had to drink … Continue Reading

Juicing Tips #juicecleanse #juicefast #juicediet

Here are some handy tips for juice I’ve discovered during the juice cleanse… Keep a cutting board nearby.  Cut Veggies and Fruit tend to juice faster/easier Keep a paper towel under the downspout… It’s design to prevent leaks… but it can still leak Cucumbers give a HUGE bang for the buck.  One cucumber can fill … Continue Reading

Juice #2: Yummy! #juicefast #juicecleanse #juicediet

So, I’m not even that hungry, but I made myself another juice to combat the urge to grab the leftover pizza in the fridge. The juice isn’t really doing anything for that feeling of “chewing”…. I just want to chew something.  Now I know why puppies chew up everything in the room when you leave. … Continue Reading

The First Juice #juicefast #juicecleanse #juicediet

So it’s 11:01am on Tuesday and I’m having my first juice… There are plenty of recipes online for delicious tasting juice, but I figured I’d let my body tell me what I needed…. So here’s the first “Ben’s Body Recipe” 8 Carrots 1 Cucumber 2 Small Tomatoes The Froth/Head I’ve read several articles dealing with … Continue Reading

I’m Juicing! #juicefast #juicecleanse #juicediet

I hit a health plateau a couple weeks ago…. I started working out in April of this year.  I heard from a few people that I was getting “soft” and “chunky”…  It was time to take action… I bought a Withings Scale, a Fitbit, promised myself I’d run, put a couple P90X routines on my … Continue Reading