5 Things Every Network Needs

Run a service provider network, enterprise, commercial, health, financial, or retail network? ┬áRun any sort of network? Well then, here are 5 things your network NEEDS today! Redundancy Security Capacity Management Logging (SIEM) Application/Customer/Endpoint Visibility ┬áRedundancy Have you ever owned a computer that didn’t blue screen or give you the spinning beach ball of death? … Continue Reading

A typical Juniper RPM Configuration

Here is an example of a typical RPM configuration ben@olive80> show configuration services rpm { probe NET-B-SRX-PROBE { test NET-B-SRX-P1-TEST { probe-type icmp-ping; target address; probe-count 15; probe-interval 1; test-interval 1; source-address; history-size 255; dscp-code-points ef; data-size 64000; thresholds { total-loss 1; rtt 60000; jitter-rtt 5000; } traps test-completion; ## ## Warning: statement … Continue Reading