Passion for…. Anything? Everything? Something!?

Passion, desire, enthusiasm, excitement, zeal, and fervor…… These words describe more than just a passing interest or modest caring for something. They describe a level of devotion and dedication that surpasses the “normal”. They so poignantly portray an artist lost in her instrument, an athlete at his peak output during an event, an evangelical preacher … Continue Reading

Shawn McDonald – All I Need (Chords and Lyrics)

I must have a version of Shawn McDonald’s “All I Need” that no one else in the world has…. Just kidding, it’s on YouTube. I could find the chords for the main song, but not the lyrics for the rap towards the end of the song…. I mean, not one website in the world has … Continue Reading

How to Create Ringtones with iTunes

If you import music from CDs you’ll notice that the “Create Ringtone” doesn’t work for music you haven’t purchased directly from iTunes. There is a simple way to create a ringtone out of your favorite song from within iTunes… Pick a song Pick 15 seconds of the song you want Right Click on the song … Continue Reading