5 Things Every Network Needs

Run a service provider network, enterprise, commercial, health, financial, or retail network?  Run any sort of network? Well then, here are 5 things your network NEEDS today! Redundancy Security Capacity Management Logging (SIEM) Application/Customer/Endpoint Visibility  Redundancy Have you ever owned a computer that didn’t blue screen or give you the spinning beach ball of death? … Continue Reading

Network Diagrams…. You NEED them!

There is so much truth in the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Pictures matter, especially in the technical field! I majored in Computer Science in college.  These days, “Computer Science” should be called “Computer Programming”.  They taught the OSI model from layer 1 to layer 7, but the majority of the time was spent on application … Continue Reading

What is a Network? #NYTechDay

I spent a few hours at a trade/tech show yesterday in NYC.  My company sponsored a portion of the show and wanted to show off their shiny new network architect in their booth, so I sat down and prepared myself for the deluge of questions. I’m not sure what I was expecting.  Maybe a little … Continue Reading

Here we go… JNCIE-SEC Exam scheduled!

I just scheduled my JNCIE-SEC exam for June 19, 2013! I’m fairly confident I could take it now and pass, but I thought I’d give myself a couple of months to truly dive into configs, case studies, etc.  I already have the other 2 JNCIE’s and the lab-based JNCIP, so I know how the testing … Continue Reading

How to Access Time Machine Remotely

Don’t you love your time capsule? Isn’t it just great how it automatically backs everything up anytime you’re on the same network? I love it, but one of the downsides is that your mac and time capsule have to be on the same network.  I travel 80% of the time and want to access my … Continue Reading

SRX Status Checker Script

I built an SRX Status Checker Script. Check it out here: http://benboyd.info/scripts/srx_status_checker.php  

The Network


Hello world!

Yes, I just set up a home network.  This is benboyd.info . Thanks for checking us out.