Add SSH2 PHP Extension to Mountain Lion Server

If you’re running MAMP on Mountain Lion Server OS X you’ve probably noticed a few missing PHP extensions. Here’s a quick way to install the SSH2 extension: Download libssh2-1.4.2.tar.gz Download the latest SSH2 PECL from Untar and gzip both packages in your download folder Compile libssh

Compile SSH2

Copy to your PHP extension_dir … Continue Reading

Sign PDFs with a Mac

Did you know you can sign PDFs and documents digitally with a Mac?  If you own a Mac running OS X Lion, you don’t need to print out another PDF just to sign your name again! First you’ll need to create your signature: Open the Preview App From the Menubar, select Preview -> Preferences Click … Continue Reading

Mac Trash Won’t Empty

If your trash can on your Mac won’t empty there are a couple things you can do. Stop using whatever file/program that’s still in the trash. The cool thing about Macs are the fact that you can move files that are still being used. One bad thing though, is that you can trash a file … Continue Reading

Quickly Lock Your Screen: Mac OS X

If you’re a longtime windows user, you’ve probably gotten used to the key combination “Windows + L”.   This command will lock the computer so you can leave it in peace and not worry about anyone getting on it. There’s really not a way to do that in a Mac, so here are two fast … Continue Reading

Show WiFi Password in OS X

If you forgot your WiFi password and need show it, there’s a super simple way to do this on a Mac.  I’m pretty sure you can’t do this in Windows. Here’s how: Go to your applications folder Click on the Utilities folder Click on the “Keychain Access” App On the left-hand side, highlight the “System” … Continue Reading

Mac OS X Messages App

This is just about the coolest app ever!  I’m really looking forward to having Mountain Lion. Now, when I text on my phone, the text shows up on my iPad and Macbook.  I can leave one device and keep chatting with everybody on any other device.  How cool is that? Dragging and dropping pictures into … Continue Reading

Geektool Desktop

Daily Bible Verse On Your Desktop

Geektool just came out on the App Store. It’s a great app to customize your desktop. Right now I have iTunes song information, weather, calendars, and system information on my desktop. You can put pictures or the output of any terminal command on your desktop. After setting it up, I figured out a way to … Continue Reading

How to completely remove Xcode from a mac.

Xcode is a HUGE download and installation and can take up valuable space. If you’ve previously installed Xcode from a download instead of the Mac App Store, it’s time to do this and start fresh anyway. From the terminal: sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all

How to Access Time Machine Remotely

Don’t you love your time capsule? Isn’t it just great how it automatically backs everything up anytime you’re on the same network? I love it, but one of the downsides is that your mac and time capsule have to be on the same network.  I travel 80% of the time and want to access my … Continue Reading