iPhone WiFi Calling not working

WiFi calling on the iPhone is awesome when it works…. But sometimes it doesn’t work. ┬áHere are some steps to try to resolve WiFi Calling not working. Issues WiFi calling calls fail Battery Drain Incoming calls aren’t ringing Incoming callers can’t hear you iPhone gets warm when on WiFi iPhone switches between WiFi carrier and … Continue Reading

Wow…. Am I Psychic? #bgp #Juniper

So, only 18 days after I posted “What’s wrong with the Internet”, the Internet had another hiccup (read more here) and millions of users couldn’t surf/browse the Internet. No, it wasn’t hacked, but at this point does it really matter? It’s like I’m psychic… Or maybe there REALLY IS SOMETHING WRONG like I’ve been saying. … Continue Reading

A typical Juniper RPM Configuration

Here is an example of a typical RPM configuration ben@olive80> show configuration services rpm { probe NET-B-SRX-PROBE { test NET-B-SRX-P1-TEST { probe-type icmp-ping; target address; probe-count 15; probe-interval 1; test-interval 1; source-address; history-size 255; dscp-code-points ef; data-size 64000; thresholds { total-loss 1; rtt 60000; jitter-rtt 5000; } traps test-completion; ## ## Warning: statement … Continue Reading