Where is httpd.conf on Mac OS X Server?

Mac OS X Server is awesome! But it “hides” configuration files for some of the services it runs. Finding them can be a pain… This is the directory where OS X Server puts all of the relevant httpd.conf files: /Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/sites/

Update JUNOS Config with Remote API slax/juise

Mike over at High on PHP recently showed everyone the coolest thing in the world …. How to run SLAX on JUNOS boxes remotely with JUISE…. Seeing this in action nearly made me pee my pants! Too COOL! I went through his setup with ease…once I upgraded my Linux distribution.  (It requires curl libraries that were … Continue Reading

Juniper SRX Op Script: op-monitor

On the data center SRX’s running “show security flow session summary” will return all of the sessions on each SPC.  This can be a bit time consuming when your SRX is fully loaded with SPCs.  A great way to find out how many sessions are on each SPC at any given moment is the “srx-monitor” … Continue Reading

Split large text files in Mac/Nix

Lets say you have a file full of passwords that is 62,000 lines and you want to chop the file into bite-sized pieces. There is an easy terminal command to help you with that! To split into multiple 1000 line files with a prefix of “SPLAT” here is the command: split -l 1000 textfile.txt SPLAT

Update $PATH variable on Mac Permanently

If you’re a developer or you commonly run apps from directory locations other than the default Mac locations, you probably hate typing out the full directory when running the app or script. To update the $PATH variable within the Terminal you just need to type: export PATH=/new/path:$PATH To update the $PATH variable PERMANENTLY you just … Continue Reading

Apache: Rewrite subdirectory to another domain…

I recently moved my blog from my home server to a hosted server with Mac Stadium.  When I did this, I borked a few links out there on the Internets.  I didn’t want to go update everywhere I saw “https://blog.benboyd.info/wordpress” with “http://blog.benboyd.info”, so I looked for an easy-peasy way to take those requests and forward … Continue Reading

Geektool Desktop

Daily Bible Verse On Your Desktop

Geektool just came out on the App Store. It’s a great app to customize your desktop. Right now I have iTunes song information, weather, calendars, and system information on my desktop. You can put pictures or the output of any terminal command on your desktop. After setting it up, I figured out a way to … Continue Reading

Recursively Delete Files in Mac OS X

I had a file named “index.html” in my Public dropbox folder that I needed to get rid of in order to re-index all my public folders, that’s super easy to do in a Mac, not so much in Windows. 🙂 If you have the same filename throughout a bunch of folders and you want to … Continue Reading

SRX Status Checker Script

I built an SRX Status Checker Script. Check it out here: http://benboyd.info/scripts/srx_status_checker.php