Update JUNOS Config with Remote API slax/juise

Mike over at High on PHP recently showed everyone the coolest thing in the world …. How to run SLAX on JUNOS boxes remotely with JUISE…. Seeing this in action nearly made me pee my pants! Too COOL! I went through his setup with ease…once I upgraded my Linux distribution.  (It requires curl libraries that were … Continue Reading

Juniper SRX Op Script: op-monitor

On the data center SRX’s running “show security flow session summary” will return all of the sessions on each SPC.  This can be a bit time consuming when your SRX is fully loaded with SPCs.  A great way to find out how many sessions are on each SPC at any given moment is the “srx-monitor” … Continue Reading

Update $PATH variable on Mac Permanently

If you’re a developer or you commonly run apps from directory locations other than the default Mac locations, you probably hate typing out the full directory when running the app or script. To update the $PATH variable within the Terminal you just need to type: export PATH=/new/path:$PATH To update the $PATH variable PERMANENTLY you just … Continue Reading

Add Twitter Feed to Webpage

You’re obviously at http://www.benboyd.info.  Have you noticed the twitter feed on the right?  Curious as to how to do that?  Its really easy, just replace “twittername” in the following code with your twitter username.

You actually don’t need the h2 header or the link to “follow me” either, this is just an example of … Continue Reading

A Hello World Tribute

So, as a programmer by nature there is just something wrong with deleting the first “hello world” post.  In fact it kind of inspired me to relive a few of my hello world scripts/programs to the blog.  Without further ado, here is my tribute to the “Hello World”: AutoHotkey:



Shell: … Continue Reading