Passion for…. Anything? Everything? Something!?

Passion, desire, enthusiasm, excitement, zeal, and fervor…… These words describe more than just a passing interest or modest caring for something. They describe a level of devotion and dedication that surpasses the “normal”. They so poignantly portray an artist lost in her instrument, an athlete at his peak output during an event, an evangelical preacher … Continue Reading

Troubleshooting a @JuniperNetworks SRX Flow

How I troubleshoot on an SRX Prerequisite: Log Everything! Look for logs If you see denied logs, the SRX is not allowing the flow. Check the policy configuration: Make sure this traffic is hitting the correct policy Change the policy or reorder policies to allow the traffic If you see permitted logs, the SRX is … Continue Reading

IDP isn’t a job, it’s a profession

Originally Posted on the Juniper Champion Community There are network engineers, there are security engineers, and then there are IDP (intrusion detection and prevention) engineers. Or at least there should be. I can’t count the number of times I’ve told enterprises during an IDP integration, “The configuration and setup I’m giving you is a good … Continue Reading

I’m Writing a Book!

Ok, here goes.  I’ve been mulling over writing a book for the last few months.  Everyone knows that you can think all you want about goals, but until you tell someone your goal, you’re probably not going to achieve it. So I’m telling the world today. I’m writing a book about datacenter security.  I’ve been … Continue Reading

How I keep my Mac safe and clean

With the recent news about the Flashback trojan on the Mac platform, I thought I’d give you a look into how I keep the Macs in my family safe. Step 1 The first step to keeping your Mac safe is NOT INSTALLING FLASH!!  Adobe Flash is a security nightmare.  The open ports and multiple callbacks … Continue Reading

Quickly Lock Your Screen: Mac OS X

If you’re a longtime windows user, you’ve probably gotten used to the key combination “Windows + L”.   This command will lock the computer so you can leave it in peace and not worry about anyone getting on it. There’s really not a way to do that in a Mac, so here are two fast … Continue Reading

Add Logging to All Security Policies on a #Juniper #SRX

If you’re tired of typing “then log session-init” or clicking on the log button in NSM or on the web GUI there is an easy way to log every single policy. We’ll use JUNOS groups to accomplish this. From the CLI: configure set groups log-all-policies security policies from-zone <*> to-zone <*> policy <*> then log … Continue Reading

Denial of Service @JuniperNetworks SRX Firewalls #whitehat

So my job as a Network Security Engineer is to test networks and devices for stress and vulnerability.  I haven’t ever uncovered anything that hasn’t already been discovered, but there seems to be a pretty serious design flaw in the traffic handling on high-end Juniper SRX firewalls. The high-end Juniper SRX firewalls are massive stateful … Continue Reading

Juniper SRX Status (High End) #Juniper

If you want to capture the full status of an SRX, here are the commands I run to get a good baseline of what’s going on in a high end Juniper SRX. If you’re running routing-instances, make sure to update the protocol statuses with “routing-instance xyz”   show arp no-resolve | no-more show bgp summary … Continue Reading