5 Things Every Network Needs

Run a service provider network, enterprise, commercial, health, financial, or retail network? ¬†Run any sort of network? Well then, here are 5 things your network NEEDS today! Redundancy Security Capacity Management Logging (SIEM) Application/Customer/Endpoint Visibility ¬†Redundancy Have you ever owned a computer that didn’t blue screen or give you the spinning beach ball of death? … Continue Reading

Change Timezone in Ubuntu

If you want to change the timezone in Ubuntu, there is an easy text-based menu-driven way to do so. From the CLI type: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata After you select the time zone, you should see something like this: Current default timezone: ‘America/Los_Angeles’ Local time is now: Thu Dec 8 09:39:56 PST 2011. Universal Time is … Continue Reading