iOS: How to fix “device is not eligible” when upgrading to 4.3.4

If you’ve tried upgrading to IOS 4.3.4 on your iPad/iPhone/iPod and you keep getting the error “device is not eligible” you may have to clear your hosts file. This can be done very easily. ON A MAC: Open the Terminal App type the following command: sudo rm -rf /etc/hosts when it asks for your password … Continue Reading

Sync Safari Bookmarks between Mac and PC (Windows) with Dropbox

If you are a Safari user through and through on Macs and PCs, there’s a simple way to sync bookmarks between the two using dropbox. Requirements Dropbox installed on both Mac OS X and Windows 7 and using the same account Internet connectivity on all computers.. 🙂 Here are the steps: On your Mac Quit … Continue Reading