20 Annoying Things CNN Article (Flying Tips)

I haven’t ranted in awhile, so here goes… So, CNN just put out an article about the 20 most annoying things people do on planes (http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/22/travel/plane-annoying-things/index.html?hpt=hp_c2).  Since I’ve spent over 250 hours on planes so far this year, I feel like I should reply to some of those….especially the several examples I think/know are wrong! … Continue Reading

Traveling Better Series: Attack Your Travel

Since my blog series’ seem to get the most hits, I’ll start another one. How about a series of traveling tips? I love travel! You already knew that.  After traveling for a living over the past two and half years I’ve learned some things to help me enjoy travel even more. The number 1 thing … Continue Reading

International Travel Tip

Just one tip for today: When traveling internationally, be sure to wear something comfortable for the flights. Remember, whatever you’re wearing you’ll probably be wearing for 24 hours while flying and getting to your destination. Wear something comfortable for the plane, but something you wouldn’t mind being in while walking around the airport, going through … Continue Reading

Teamviewer – It’s THAT Easy!

I just spent 5 minutes fixing a problem that would normally have taken an hour over the phone.  I figured, it’s probably time to write a review and express my love for TeamViewer. My grandparent’s home network password got lost, so I just logged in, clicked on his computer, changed the router password, told them … Continue Reading

Change the Date and Time in Ubuntu

If you’re not using NTP servers or your you’re running Ubuntu in a VM, you’ll notice that you have to play around with the date or it’ll be a little off every once and awhile. You can change the date in Ubuntu/linux with the “date” command: The syntax is: date MonthDayHourMinuteYear.Seconds sudo date 062117462011