Security Rant: Phishing Prevention and Mitigation

I think there are 3 parts to phishing defense. 1. Investigation You have to gather statistics on the current state of the environment. Should the customer even invest in training or tools to prevent links from being clicked?  They won’t know until they run a campaign to find out how many users fall prey to … Continue Reading

Get started cycling with the right ingredients! #expensive #fun

I seem to find one or two new hobbies a year and they never end up being cheap. Last year it was running and shooting, so at least running was cheap!  This year it’s bicycling and triathlons!  My goal is to run in an Ironman next year! I’m currently training for a 100 mile ride … Continue Reading

Training for a Century Ride #biking #training #100miler

So I decided that one ultra long endurance race this year wasn’t enough… I signed up for the Big Dam Bridge 100 Mile Bicycle ride! Not only that, but I convinced the wifey and parents to come along for the torture as well! We even went out and bought road bikes to make it all … Continue Reading

How I Ran My First Marathon!

Notice I said “first”… What’s wrong me? It’s the day after the marathon and my legs can hardly move, my back hurts, my core is sore, and my left knee feels like it’s gone through a meat grinder and I’m actually considering doing this again in my lifetime!?  I was a sprinter in high school, … Continue Reading

I’m Juicing! #juicefast #juicecleanse #juicediet

I hit a health plateau a couple weeks ago…. I started working out in April of this year.  I heard from a few people that I was getting “soft” and “chunky”…  It was time to take action… I bought a Withings Scale, a Fitbit, promised myself I’d run, put a couple P90X routines on my … Continue Reading