MetroUI Hex Color Scheme

If you want to design a user interface integrating the Windows/Microsoft MetroUI color scheme, you’ll need the HEX codes for them. You could look at these codes below… or just find them at

I’ve gone overboard…

And landed directly in the clouds. In the process of cleaning up unused docs & apps on my Mac I noticed something rather peculiar.  My virtual stuff is EVERYWHERE!!! I probably have over 20 cloud and/or storage solutions: Dropbox (for quick access to files) Sugarsync (for gigs and gigs of free storage to backup my … Continue Reading

iCloud and All the Trappings

This one’s for you John! If you’ve updated to iOS5 on any of your Apple products, you’ve been made aware of something called “iCloud”.  There’s even a very high likelihood that iCloud may have messed with some of your settings like contacts and calendars and caused a lot of frustration. This is a lengthy review, … Continue Reading

Teamviewer – It’s THAT Easy!

I just spent 5 minutes fixing a problem that would normally have taken an hour over the phone.  I figured, it’s probably time to write a review and express my love for TeamViewer. My grandparent’s home network password got lost, so I just logged in, clicked on his computer, changed the router password, told them … Continue Reading

Sync Safari Bookmarks between Mac and PC (Windows) with Dropbox

If you are a Safari user through and through on Macs and PCs, there’s a simple way to sync bookmarks between the two using dropbox. Requirements Dropbox installed on both Mac OS X and Windows 7 and using the same account Internet connectivity on all computers.. 🙂 Here are the steps: On your Mac Quit … Continue Reading

How to Create Ringtones with iTunes

If you import music from CDs you’ll notice that the “Create Ringtone” doesn’t work for music you haven’t purchased directly from iTunes. There is a simple way to create a ringtone out of your favorite song from within iTunes… Pick a song Pick 15 seconds of the song you want Right Click on the song … Continue Reading